Sprague City News

Council meeting will be on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 7:00 pm in the Sprague Public Library 119 W 2nd Street.

The Railroad Depot Museum is closed for the season. 

The lagoon is closed for the season.

Utility accounts that are past due will be reviewed with a collection agency, Armada, for further collection servicing. Please contact City Hall with questions. 



We have received numerous compliments to public works for the stupendous and nice job of plowing our city streets and alleys. Keeping it safe and functional. Some of the best were illustrated thank you notes from Ms. Morton’s Kindergarten class. ‘Dear City Hall Employees, thank you for keeping our streets plowed and safe.’  From, Abel, Gabi, Maggie, Sydney 


Friendly Reminders:  

It is the property owner/renter responsibility to shovel sidewalks around your property.


Annual business registry is due prior to opening/operating a business in Sprague. An annual fee of $30.00 is due on or before February 28th. Registry fees will not be prorated or refunded. It is imperative that you fill out this application completely. Approval of this registry is contingent on the applicant’s compliance with all City of Sprague ordinances.


Wheatland Waste Systems, Inc - 

Please put your garbage cans at the edge of the street for easy pick-up by the garbage truck or it won’t be picked up. After garbage pick-up, please remove cans off street and sidewalks. Please utilize the recycle dumpsters at Sprague City Hall for recyclable items only! Yard waste is not allowed in the garbage cans. Yard waste goes in the lagoon when it is open. Flyers will be posted when the lagoon is open. 

*To save our sewer system and cost to the community, please remember not to flush baby and Clorox wipes, swiffers and feminine products.

Sprague Food Bank: 

Watch for flyers!


The next Feed Sprague grocery distribution will be March 2nd at 9 am. There will be no meal this month. This month we had the opportunity to partner with the Sprague-Lamont School District and help distribute care boxes to everyone. This really helps address the food needs of all our kids. While Second Harvest works with Mr. O’Brien (Loi Lutes substitute) to help provide healthy foods option for all kids once a month. Now we can do the very same thing twice. I’m very excited about this opportunity to serve our community. – Jill Sheffels 

Sprague Chamber News: 

Sprague-Lamont Friendship Community Calendars are at the City Hall. Cost is $8.00. 

 Congratulations Pat Busby ---- 2018 Sprague Citizen of the Year!

Sprague Chamber Auction made over $1550 with proceeds going to Friends of the Library, Fire Department, Fox’s Pet Rescue, and Lincoln County Pet Network, as well as, the Chamber. The banquet was a great success! Thanks to Chef Shari Stowell. Pastor Bob Bridge was a great MC and FFA provided a nice style show and helped with serving the dinner and helping in the kitchen the entire evening. Thanks to all who attended, donated, or bought at the auction. You made the event a success! – Joy Wilken 

The Chamber officers/board were installed by Councilman Trace DeGarmo. Tim Wilken – President, Mike Brumley – Vice President, Joy Wilken-Treasurer, Heather Rose – Secretary. 


Contact Sprague Events Committee via FaceBook for the following,  Spring Decorations in March - Sponsor flower  cut-outs for $10, Flower Pots for $20 . 

Sponsor a flower pot in honor of your Mother

Limited amount - Due date – April 20th

Annual Hoo Doo Billy Bash is on the way!

July 12, 13, 14

There will be 

A town-wide swap-meet; Kite flying festival; Battle of the Bands; Car Show; and more!

Sprague Community Church: 

Pastor Bob Bridge  

602 W Fourth Street

Join us for services

Sundays at 9:30 am

Sunday school at 11:15 am

Wednesday evening service is at 6:45 pm

St. John’s Lutheran Church:   


Worship on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. with Pastor Bob Kenyon.


Everyone is invited to join us for a conversational and caring evangelism class.  Pastor Kenyon will be leading this class on Tuesday afternoons from 4:30-5:30. If you wish a book and manual, it is $20.00.  The purpose is for us to learn to be more skilled in how to relate to people with various needs.

Lent begins for St. John's on Ash Thursday, March 7.  There will be a Soup Supper at 6:00 pm and a service at 7:00 pm. The theme will be "Beneath the Cross of Jesus."  Come and join us for an informal gathering.

"Jesus said we would have problems in life; people will disappoint us, and we will even disappoint ourselves.  Sometimes we end up in a cave because of something we did, or because of circumstances over which we have no control.  But, with God on our side, we can say, 'Whenever I'm afraid, I will trust in Jesus."   Gass Ministries, December 2018, pg. 19.

Worship every Sunday @ 9:00 a.m.  All are invited.

Bible Study on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am.

Mary Queen of Heaven:  Please join us for Mass on Sundays at 12:30 P.M., at our beautiful historic church.


Sprague Public Library is open Monday-Friday 8:00 am-11:30 am and 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm. For one-on-one assistance, please call Lisa to set an appointment. Come on in for a library card or to update you and your family information. We have computers, wi-fi, books, movies, audio, and more. 

We are preparing for the Summer Reading Day Camp coming in July. We recently served coffee at the Eastbound I-90 Sprague Rest Area, it was so fun and had wonderful success. We are looking forward to the summer! 

If you would like to include something for the newsletter, please get the information to City Hall by the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

City of Sprague – W. 119 2nd St, Sprague, WA 99032 

Email: deputyclerk@sprague-wa.us

Phone: 509-257-2662